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Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Software, Materials Science, Mechanics  Chemistry, Medical Devices, Business MethodsHatsushi Shimizu founded the Shimizu Patent Office in 1995 after serving as a Biotechnology Patent Examiner in the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) for many years.

The Shimizu Patent Office mainly specializes in biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and is proud to have an exceptional team of specialists with strong backgrounds in these and other areas. Our team includes a large number of Patent Attorneys and Ph.Ds, each excelling in his/her specialized field. We are also proud to have aboard several past Examiners of the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), who continue to provide valuable insight into the latest developments in office policy and patent practice.

There is more to filing a successful patent application than simply following procedure or translating a foreign application. Success relies on a true understanding of the scientific basis of the invention, and the ability to convey that information in a form most acceptable to each patent office. The Shimizu Patent Office prides itself on the quality of its scientific talent, the speed and efficiency of its work, and its truly international nature.

The Shimizu Patent Office is located in Tsukuba Science City, a dynamic and innovative city situated 60 km northeast of Tokyo. Tsukuba Science City is home to an impressive array of research facilities, owned by both domestic and foreign organizations, and the largest concentration of Ph.Ds in Japan.

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