Message to Our Clients

Welcome to the Shimizu Patent Office. Our primary mission is to work with you to secure the best possible protection for your intellectual property, and the best strategic position from which to utilize that protection. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your specific objectives by harnessing our experience and knowledge to craft a powerful intellectual property portfolio.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality service, constantly seeking new opportunities to add value to your invention.

The Shimizu Patent Office is excellently positioned to provide you with the very best:

* At your service is our team of highly skilled staff, including experienced Patent Attorneys, a large number of Ph.Ds, and several former Examiners of the JPO, placing at your disposal a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the patent process, as well as extensive technical and legal knowledge and experience.
* Also on staff is a team of lawyers and accountants specializing in biotechnology business management, enabling us to provide strategic advice tailored to your needs.
* We offer a global service, closely collaborating with patent offices from around the world in alliances that expand and reinforce our capabilities. We are also proud to have a global office environment and culture, with many foreign staff, including former USPTO Examiners.
* Equipped with the very latest in electronic technology, our advanced systems and methods ensure speedy, secure and efficient communications.

The Shimizu Patent Office was deeply committed to achieving a leading status in the IP world, excelling as a firm capable of providing efficient and top quality service. Having realized our initial goal, our professional and dedicated team continues to strive for new levels of excellence and looks forward to helping you reach new horizons.

Hatsushi Shimizu, Ph. D.
Founder, President & CEO

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